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Ronald Basil Girdler

1925 - 2017


Helene Girdler

1927 - 2020

As previously mentioned, Charles Kearvell Girdler started work as a miller, but later on he was described as a "horseman" (on daughter's marriage certificate in 1908) and as a "brewer's labourer" (on son' s marriage certificate in 1924). He worked as a brewer's labourer with Crookes Brewery, Guildford. From the earliest time that I knew him and Charlotte (ca. 1930), they lived at No. 2, Juniper Terrace, Shalford Common. Charles was well educated and read "The Times" every day. According to information from older members of the Girdler family, he used to travel on barges up to the River Thames (presumably as a result of being a journeyman miller) and was said to have had a cousin living in Guildford - this vas probably George Girdler (b. 1880) the son of Charles's uncle and foster-father. (I have managed to find out that there was a G. Girdler living with his wife, Annie, at No. 8, Oxford Terrace, Guildford from 1920—1935 and that a George Girdler of 203, Send Road, Send, Surrey, died on 20th April 1950, leaving his estate of £941-7-6 to his widow, Annie Girdler. This could well have been Charles' cousin, George.) Charles always got up very early in the morning, went to baptist chapel regularly on Sundays and was fond of a regular drink at the Parrot Inn on Shalford Common. The photograph opposite was taken in the garden of the Parrot Inn, Charles and Charlotte had a lodger at No. 2, Juniper Terrace named Charles Saunders who worked at the Spaulding Fibre Works, Broadford Mills (next to the Parrot Inn) from 11th February 1932 at 11d. per hour; he had some periods of disability with some small payments for sick pay in 1932 and 1934, and appears to have been finally suspended on 29th April 1938. Charles Saunders's son, Peter was looked after by Charles and Charlotte Girdler who brought him up as though he vas their own son. (Peter Saunders's real mother, Alice, died on 21st January 1921 when he was only 4 months old). Charles Kearvell Girdler died at No 2 Juniper Terrace in 1939 (aged 79) and Charlotte in 1943 (aged 84). Dealing with the children of Charles and Charlotte in turn (but leaving my father until last), we have:-

Charles (b. 1882) Married Alice Beckingham at Shinfield Parish Church in 1907 and had 3 children.- Nora, Ken and Charles. He died on active service in the 1st War in 1917 (aged 35). A record of his will was found in Somererset House and reads as follows: -

Charles Girdler of Melbury Cottage, Peasemarsh Shalford, Surrey, private in H.M. forces, died 9th April 1917 in France. Administration (with will) London 16th May to Alice Girdler, widow. Effects £354.

Alice Girdler I Iived until 1977, when she died at the ripe old age of 94. She was remarkably active, even in her 90's. Dealing with their 3 children in turn, we have:-

Nora (b. 1910). Married Leslie Hunter at Shalford Parish Church in 1939, and had a son. Alan (b. 1941). married Margaret Utton at Reading. Alan and Margaret have a son, Ross (b. 1981), and live in Old Basing, Hants. Nora now lives at 162, New Road, Chilworth.

Ken (b. 1915) . Married Mabel Lawrence at Clandon Parish Church in 1943, and had 3 children Roger, Derek and Robert. Ken vas a carpenter by trade and was a keen bell-ringer in his spare time. He moved to Seaton in Devon, where he died in 1937 at the age of 72. Mabel is still living in Seaton and has 3 grandchildren (2 boys and a gilrl) from the marriage of Derek to Hillary Sawyers Roger and Robert are also both married, Roger is in South Africa and Robert is the head of a college in Wales and also a musician (piano/ violin) who sometimes plays on B. B.C. Radio.

Charles (b. 1917). Married Millie Tucker at Shalford Parish Church in 1946. He was a carpenter end Joiner by trade and is now retired and living at Southam, Middlezoy, Near Bridgewater, Somerset. Charles and Millie had 2 daughters Heather and Pat. Heather married Michael Beaton, who owned a hairdressing business in Bracknell, Berks. Michael Beaton was involved In a shooting incident in Bracknell just as he got out of his car one day and died from his wounds. Heather has recently married again, on New Year's Day, 1989, to Barry Morton, and they live near her parents in Mdddlezoy. Pat is not married and is a teacher at a school in Cornwall.

Gertrude (b. 1884)

Married Ernest Alfred Bettsworth at Shalford Parish Church on 14th October 1905 and had 8 children (6 girls and 2 boys). They lived In Oakdene Lane, Peasemarsh, where I visited them a number of times. My uncle Ern vas a telephone linesman with the G. P .0. he was a cheery character quite fond of his pint and often to be found at the Parrot Inn. Auntie Gert vas a very likeable and pleasant character, always relating interesting tales with a distinct Surrey accent about her early life when she was in service. Uncle Ern died sometime in the 1950's I remember that he had been in hospital but made a great effort to be at his son Cyril's wedding shortly beore he died. Later on, Auntie Gert went to live with her daughter, Joan, and son-in-law, Ralph, in Milford (near Godalming) Auntie Gert died in November 1972 and was burled at Shalford.

As regards their children, Jess married Charles Harris. Ethel married Bill Pink, lived at Milford and had children, but later on divorced and married Fred Short, died in 1984. Betty married Jack Howton and had 4 children. Barbara married Ralph Piper and had son Roger but died in 1962. Joan, who used to be a ward sister. married Ralph Piper after the death of Barbara and they now live in Milford. George went to University and later became a teacher he married Norrie Waugh and they had 5 children, including 2 sets of twins. He was a teacher first in a school in Sandwich, Kent, and later in Nicosia, Cyprus. Phyllis Married Alf Pass and had 2 children. Cyril married Margery Keeble and had 2 children, he started work in a butcher's abattoir in Guildford, but later he and his wife ran a combined butcher’s and greensrocer’s shop in Send, near Woking, from 1960-1983.

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